Fundstep Student gives young entrepreneurs a leg-up in business.

Fundstep Student is a digital service that helps build the bridge between school, business and network. Pretty awesome, right?

Our overall aim is to achieve better recognition and create more activity around sustainable development and entrepreneurship. Therefore we have created and developed a digital arena for young entrepreneurs.

Did you know?

Studies show that students who have run a business throughout the school years are more likely to start a business of their own later on in life.

With the Fundstep Student App, young entrepreneurs have the ability to test, validate and scale their business projects in a whole new way.

«Fundstep Student gives young entrepreneurs a platform to network, a place to interact with others and last but not least a good fundament for innovation and further growth.»

Do you want to contribute to increasing the focus on social entrepreneurship and sustainable development in the future? Together we can help young entrepreneurs to grow, create more jobs and make a difference in the world.

Fundstep – Established to strengthen innovation