Trust and Safety

Fundstep Student is an facilitator for increased activity for young entrepreneurs (hereinafter called the Creators) and the companies they represent. Information you acquire through Fundstep Student will mainly come from the Creators and their companies that they establish as part of their educational process.


Fundstep Student is not an online store. It is the Creators who are responsible for their companies, products or services they sell and projects they present on the platform. Some companies will not be able to carry out their goals and promises as planned, even with the Creator's best intention and efforts. Therefore, you should be aware of the risk and conduct your own independent research before purchasing a product or shares in a company. Fundstep Student controls and approves all companies that are allowed on the platform, however this is no guarantee against fraud or abuse. The projects the companies post on the platform are not independently verified by Fundstep Student and cannot be guaranteed.

The creators are responsible for fulfilling the sales terms and conditions that apply to their country at any given time. Fundstep student does not resolve any disputes and does not offer refunds on purchases.


Go thoroughly through the companies profile page and campaigns. They will tell you everything you need to know including who is behind the company. Don't forget to read comments to see what others are saying and not least to see how the company communicates with its supporters. Also check other social media, does the company have a Facebook or Instagram profile? Does this match the profile they have on Fundstep Student? We encourage everyone to ask the companies questions, this will give you as a potential contributor a better impression of the companies and a greater decision base.

Questions can be asked directly in the companies feed or use our chat feature, for fast and effective communication.

Together, we can help young entrepreneurs grow, create more jobs and make a difference.

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